Maria R.

Excellent experience. Dr. Stephan and his staff are wonderful at what they do. Everyone makes you feel like part of a large family, unlike other offices were you are no more than a number. They are conscious of my needs, fears and finances and approach them with respect. When presenting my treatment they always have plan a and b ready and i never feel like they are trying to sell me anything. I highly Recommend this office to anyone looking for genuine care and good dental work!

Kathryn L.

Awesome! I came in, filled out forms, got my 5 year x-rays, a dental exam, asked questions, got a cleaning, scheduled follow up appointments, and even talked to/ got to know the dentist and the hygienist all within 1 hour! This was because they were interested in getting their job done and taking care of my teeth and NOT trying to sell me services left and right. An awesome experience and I hadn’t been to the dentist in almost 2 years!

Manar G.

Dr. Stephan has been my dentist for the past ten years, and I refuse to go to any other dentist due to his impeccable service. I now drive more then twenty miles to visit his new location at Bay Ho Family Dental, and it is well worth it. They have state of the art equipment, and the office looks beautiful, elegant, and very clean. Along with Dr. Stephan, Heather is the dental hygienist that cleaned my teeth, and I honestly have never had my teeth cleaned this well. By the time she was done, my teeth were spotless of all the stains that had accumulated over the years and the stains that other hygienists had failed to remove. Needless to say, I’m not going anywhere else for any dental work.

Crystal Ann A.

Such a great dental office. Everything is new and the technology there is beyond anything I’ve seen. I got my teeth cleaned and was so impressed with how clean they felt then and afterwards! Unfortunately, I don’t floss as often as I should, and I had a cavity. Dr. Stephan was so gentle and I didn’t feel a thing. I can’t wait to get another cleaning!

Paul C.

Great service and great price. Highly recommend.

Greg W.

Not my favorite people by trade to start with but this office nails it with a combination of customer service, professionalism, advanced technology and humor! Normally you would have one or two staff members stand out but everyone I have met at this office is either sassy, classy or just down right amazing and the dynamics are great. As for the dentist and his work….spot on! Normally I would have to complain about something like rough edges or burrs but the combination of the crazy 3D machine and his expertise makes going here something I don’t dread anymore. Cant say enough about the place and the people and its a bonus if you need a Disney character like Jasmine or Ariel at your daughter’s party cause one of them also casts herself as such. Thanks to the entire staff!!

Deborah A.

This place is fantastic. No wait, incredibly friendly staff, and very thorough cleaning and exam. The office was clean and all of the equipment was ultra modern. I loved this experience. I’m bringing my kids back next month.

Magdalena R.

I have had an unhealthy fear of dentist for as long as I can remember. So bad I let my mouth get out of control! My office is very close to Bay Ho and one of their staff convinced me to give it a try. I have now conquered my fear and have a one hundred percent clean and healthy! I am so very happy with the dentist and his staff, I am actually a little sad that my appointments are now over for all my work. Years of never smiling are over!

Christopher S.

Normally I would not even bother with a review on a dentist office but, this place was just simply amazing. Probably the friendliest staff I have ever encountered in the dentistry field. Just cause they were friendly lets talk about the service of the work they perform. Well above expectations, from the service performed to the gentleness of their service (I’ve had experiences were I’ve left other dentistry’s spitting out blood for hours, not the case over here though)…..over all well worth the 26 mile drive to get quality work for a well reasonable price.

Amanda S.

I can’t even begin to explain the great service I have experienced here. Everyone is so friendly and caring! I usually don’t write reviews for anything unless I truly have a strong feeling and will most definitely be coming back… for cleanings, hopefully not cavities. Although I did get both a cleaning and a crown done, I was extremely happy with these results. The crown was made right then and there! They have this new machine that makes the crown within 15 minutes and I was so shocked to see what new technology can bring to a office like this. I didn’t have to wait two weeks or more to get a new crown like most places. Dr. Stephan was really smooth and fast! All in all, great prices && great service!!!


4025 Avati Dr. San Diego, CA 92117